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With ProtectionManager, executive protection professionals can plan, run and follow up on security details more efficiently and safely than ever before.

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Before, during and after the EP trip – ProtectionManager has you covered

Designed by executive protection professionals for EP practitioners, ProtectionManager has your back. From pre-trip planning to post-trip analysis – and everything in between.

Our road-tested user interfaces and powerful software do the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on providing protection for your principals – not rummaging around for notes, files and pictures. 

Powerful advance and pre-advance trip planning

ProtectionManager helps complete, document and share professional advance trips – whether the principal is arriving tomorrow or in a month.

Always up-to-date advance manuals

Establish, update and share complete advance manuals that enable your team – and anyone else you invite – to plan secure trips to new and recurring locations such as hotels, conference centers or even cities.

Media-rich made simple

Add any kind of file – texts, maps, photos or videos – so your advance manuals become easy to use and intuitive tools in the field.

Location-centric reconnaissance and reporting

Connect relevant files to locations, share them with team members, add new documentation during the trip. 

Accurate route planning integrated with Google maps

Plot every step of main and alternative routes. Match photos to geolocations. Update as needed and share with a swipe.

Smart checklists

Create, consult and update checklists anywhere and in real time. No matter where you are or on which device, ProtectionManager provides your team with clear instructions to plan and complete the mission.

Clear permission hierarchies keep everyone on task

ProtectionManager lets managers assign different responsibilities, views and permissions to teams of two, 200 or more. This means you can clearly separate “nice to know” from “need to know”.

Contact management

Keep and share access to all contact information for locations, itineraries and key stakeholders. 

Location tracking

Add principal location tracking – including emergency notifications – with the ODIN app.

Add agent location tracking with the ProtectionManager app.

Ready to take your security work to the next level?

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During the detail
Convenient access to all advance manuals and real-time status updates

When it’s time to carry out the EP detail, you want ProtectionManager in your pocket – and in everyone else’s participating in the trip.

Complete, immediate access to advance manuals

No matter where you are, full access to media-rich advance manuals is only a click away. 

Live location sharing for all relevant stakeholders and one-click check-ins

Team members and other approved stakeholders can see who is where, right now, to improve communication and adjust plans on the fly.

Immediate incident reporting

ProtectionManager lets EP providers capture incidents as they occur, where they occur. No more looking through notebooks or separate apps to report incidents – or forgetting about them. 

Stay informed across all platforms with our dashboard

In the field or at the office, our powerful dashboard makes it easy to maintain operational awareness as the trip progresses. You control permissions and views – and stay on top of things in real-time.

Powerful database management and reporting

Efficient information inputs and updates

Update the advance manual with lessons learned and other information anytime during or after the detail so your teams have one, centralized and approved tool for all locations. 

Easy reporting

ProtectionManager’s flexible reporting module makes it simple to customize reports for different stakeholders, so you can move from data analysis to reporting on the same integrated platform.

Integrated location tracking for principals and agents

Lots of apps provide location tracking.
Only ProtectionManager builds this into a platform specifically designed for executive protection professionals.

Principal and other corporate traveler tracking

Our ODIN app makes it easy to track principal locations no matter where they go - and integrate support with global security operation centers and other protective services.

Agent tracking

Our ProtectionManager app makes it easy to track security professionals and agents no matter where they go.

Multi-person support

Add as many principals or agents as the organization needs. Cost efficient way to extend vital travel support from one principal or agent to many.

Emergency alert and check-in function

When travelers or agents need help fast, one touch on their mobile device is all it takes to alert designated resources



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About us

ProtectionManager was originally developed as two separate apps which were launched under the names “ADVANCE” and “ODIN”. 

AS Solution developed the apps because it needed them, but nothing was available on the market suitable for use by executive protection professionals. AS Solution made the apps publicly available at no cost in order to test features and functionality and get feedback from customers and colleagues in the industry. 

After extensive internal tests, tons of helpful feedback (and a lot of time and costs not related to its core business), AS Solution decided to spin off the apps into a separate company, Asgard Technology Group, whose mission is to further develop the apps as part of an integrated platform for protection professionals.